Outrage: Indian policemen caught on camera throwing accident victim’s body into canal (video)

India has been gripped by outrage following a viral video that captures police officers disposing of the body of a road accident victim into a canal.

The disturbing video, filmed by a passerby, shows three uniformed police officers carrying the injured victim, who was covered in blood, to a bridge barrier. Subsequently, the officers, stationed in Bihar State’s Muzaffarpur district, were observed pushing the body over the edge into the waters below.

The video, which surfaced on Sunday, October 8, 2023, swiftly gained traction on social media platforms, sparking public condemnation and demands for accountability.

In response to the mounting public outcry, Rakesh Kumar, the Senior Superintendent of Police in Muzaffarpur district, publicly acknowledged the officers’ grave error and announced their suspension.

Kumar explained that the accident victim had suffered severe injuries after being struck by a speeding truck. As a result, the officers thought it was convenient to dispose of the body, citing its extensive damage. The upper portion of the victim’s remains was dispatched for a post-mortem examination, while the lower part, due to its condition, was discarded in the canal.

The body has now been taken out of the canal, even as the identity of the victim is yet to be established.