Parent raise alarm as woman and her boyfriend brutalize 5-year-old boy

A parent has raised an alarm after a five-year-old boy was brought to school with unbelievable bruises.

The parent had come to school to drop off his own kids when he discover the bruises on the body of another child in the school.

The man decided to send a message to Counsellor to share so that more people will be aware of the children’s predicament.

Taking to social media platform X, the Counsellor shared the message which reads,

“Good afternoon Sir.
Please help me post this. Who knows, we might save this boy from future abuse.
This post contains graphic contents.

“I went to school this morning to drop my kids and I met my son’s class mate named Victory a 5 year old in basic 1. He and his elder brother who is in basic 4 are living with their father’s sister who is a nurse that owns a chemist shop here in Port Harcourt. Their dad is living outside the country but sends her money for the children’s welfare.

“Their aunt who should be in her 40’s, unmarried but living with her boyfriend of 30+ collaborated and unleashed this terror on this innocent boy claiming he spoilt something in the boyfriend’s car. Please share to the right authorities. Let’s help save this innocent boy as this isn’t the first time they’re doing this to him.”

Many have learn their voices, calling on the relevant government agencies to come to the rescue of the kids to prevent further harm on them.