Peter Obi Reacts To The Explosion in The Illegal Oil Refinery in Rivers

Peter Obi, the Labour Party presidential candidate of 2023, has encouraged Nigerians to stop the illegal and risky oil mining, which is hazardous to both man and the environment.

Obi had said it was not a good decision to make regardless of Nigeria’s current recession.

Obi had seen the need to address Nigerians right after the explosion in the Ibaa community Emuoha Local Government Area of Rivers State, where one of the illegal refining sites was hidden,

Out of other reported fatal explosions that had happened over the weeks, Emouha was one of them.

Obi’s post on his X account on Wednesday evening brought to the perpetrators’ notice that the damage is not just on objects but also on men, who have families that will miss them greatly.
He had expressed the incident with the words “very depressing”

He mentioned that bad governance which had led to hardship, and hunger in the country could probably be the reason why the victims of the explosion had engaged in the activity. He said: “Out of economic desperation, people have taken to unthinkable fatal risks.”

Addedly said: “The series of mishaps that occurred in the country lately are saddening and of grave concern. These unfortunate incidents have claimed many precious lives of our brothers and sisters, within the past few days.”

“Reports show that about 35 persons were reportedly killed in an explosion in an illegal oil refining site in Ibaa Community, Emuoha Local Government Area of Rivers State on Sunday night.

“And over 30 other people, according to reports, lost their lives following a tanker explosion at Koko junction along Warri – Benin Highway in Warri North Local Government Area of Delta State on Sunday night.”

“Also on Monday, a boat conveying 22 passengers from Kasabu village in Agwara Local Government Area of Niger State to Yauri, Kebbi State, capsized.”

“These tragic incidents are very depressing when you consider that these are not merely just numbers, but human beings, who will forever be missed by their grieving families.”

“It becomes even more devastating when you understand that many of the victims of the fuel tanker explosion were perhaps, driven by hunger and the present hardship in the country, resulting from bad governance.”

“Out of economic desperation, people have taken to unthinkable fatal risks. I strongly urge Nigerians to avoid such deadly ventures. We must, even on an individual basis, prioritise the safety of our lives and property, and ensure that we do not put ourselves in harm’s way.”

“We all need to be alive to build and live in the New Nigeria we look forward to,” he added.

Obi expressed his sympathy to the victim’s families and prayed that they would granted the strength to bear the loss.