“Please shut the crap up, sir” – Onwuasoanya tells Orji Uzor Kalu



So, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu took to his Facebook page to do a video in which his major objective was to ‘admonish’ Nigerian youths not to be “insulting political leaders”, and as expected, some of the youths were hailing him as having said the truth. Unfortunately, the average politician has been able to so exploit the Nigerian youth to the point that even the Western slaveowners of old would be regarded as saints.

When a politician tells young people not to abuse politicians as if he is giving them the highest tip on survival and integrity, he or she is simply telling you to remain their slaves without protesting their oppressive exploitations against the citizenry. There is no worst abuse meted out the Nigerian citizenry than bad governance, accentuated by mindless corruption and daring ostentation by the thieves in power.

Most of these thiefing and brainless politicians who are today selling timidity as a virtue to Nigerian youths actually insulted their ways to power. And the democracy they are enjoying today was actually earned through what the leaders of the military junta saw as an abuse on their authority and persons, just twenty years ago. In fact, the independence we are abusing today was earned through what the colonial masters saw as insults from our founding fathers.

Abusing oppressive and irresponsible political leaders is a virtue of courage that must be encouraged and promoted. The only reason you should be swayed by that irresponsible advice is if you don’t have anything doing with your life or if you wholly reliant on politicians for your survival.

Some of these politicians going about spewing this trash are actually pocket sized idi*ts and wannabe despots, who, if they have their way would reintroduce the obnoxious press suppressing decrees of the military era. They may pretend all they want, but they are among the most intolerant and insecure of laymen claiming to be leaders.

In fairness to Orji Uzor Kalu and a few others whom we can admit were self-made men before they got into politics, most of these other guys complaining about being insulted are not worth being insulted because they are common thieves with very poor and controversial educational backgrounds who became multibillionaires because they found their ways into Government Houses. Idi*its who should have any say in the governance of any close to sane society are pontificating about leadership because they earned the trust of their slaveowners through thuggery.

Some of them are individuals who should be serving jail terms in different correctional centres abroad or in Nigeria for their many fraudulent and criminal escapades, but who have found cover in being politicians, because we are practicing a “democracy”.

Unfortunately, most of our youths will continue to applaud the brain-dead vultures in power for encouraging them to be timid and slavish, because those evil scammers and desperate opportunists have succeeded in making them become less of humans by squandering their collective wealth and giving them pittance from their huge loots.