Poetry: Rope ain’t the solution (Stop Suicide)

Life is not fair
It comes with problems that choke
It’s filled with challenges
All are stages that proves your strength.

Oh lord why me?
You ain’t the first to have talked
Am tired of this life,
That word ain’t for your tongue.

Depression is real
Have you thought about living too
The rope might feel like your easiest pathway
“A pathway that leads to hell!”

You have been dragged to the left
Tossed to the right
Neglected by your friends
Mocked by life you liked
Taking you to the journey banishment.

But in that depressed heart
“Child,peace be still!”
Shall I with folly obey?
Or with pride dismay?

Just as his hands stretched to the sea
And yielded abrupt ease.
To your troubles, he’ll stretch
With a command, “Peace be still!”
In the mind once troubled.
Be still,Peace comes!
The rope ain’t the solution
It doesn’t take the pain away

Written by NATE

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