Police declares Nigerian mum seen smoking Shisha with 4-yr-old son wanted

The young Nigerian mother who was seen in a viral video encouraging her son to smoke shisha, has been declared wanted by the Police.

The Nigerian Police declared her wanted after the video of the young mum and her 4-year-old son smoking Shisha went viral.

Police shared on their social media page;

Anyone with useful information (name, phone number, location) of the lady in the picture below should kindly reach out to us via DM or call 08057000001 or 08057000002. Your identity is protected, thank you. #IGPAdamu #PoliceIsYourFriend”

In an earlier post, we reported that actress Mary Lazarus revealed that she found the mother who then pleaded not to be punished and even said it was her first time to smoke with her son.

Mary Lazarus wrote:

The Lady Giving her son shisha to smoke… @amazonmercy Just Found her…..Thank you so much for this great news. @amazonmercy. I have been speaking to her . I have also spoken to her Father and her Mother . But for the #stayhome directive , I would have been there physically. But I’m doing my best on the phone ! .

The child is on his way to the hospital . The Lady herself will get necessary help! If you are willing to join me and offer her counseling/ therapy please let me know ! There is plenty background story and by God’s grace she will get all the help she needs right now ! .

Thank you all for sharing the video . Thanks to those who gave me leads . God bless you all!

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