President Buhari’s message to Nigerian workers after signing new minimum wage

Shorty after the signing of the new wage into law on Thursday, April 18, President Muhammadu challenges Nigerian workers to justify the signing into law of the N30,000 national minimum wage by showing absolute commitment to their work.

Buhari also requested that the Nigeria Labour Congress(NLC) to be more understanding regarding the current socio economic situation in the country.

“I expect them (workers) to be more committed to their work at whichever level. “I will like the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to look at the economic situation of the country, the population, the poor infrastructure that we are trying to fix in terms of roads, rail and power.
“So, I wish Nigerian workers the best of luck,” He said.

Although state governors had opposed the decision of the passed bill approving N30,000 as the minimum wage for workers, saying they would be unable to pay the workers, President Buhari’s action presents the fact that the signed new minimum wage bill is now a law, which allows for an upward review of the salaries of all Nigerian civil servants.