Prophet Fufeyin’s benevolent gesture sparks reactions on social media

Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin’s heart-warming display of generosity to the late Nigerian musician’s son has caught the attention of many Nigerians on social media platforms.

This was after it was revealed that Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin offered a scholarship worth N10 million to Mohbad’s son.

The death of Mohbad has been in the spotlight weeks after passing away, hence, the benevolent gesture of Prophet Fufeyin has peeked the minds of countless individuals including prominent figures.

This has raised alot of positive reactions, praise and commendations for the revered spiritual leader. Prominent figures took to their social media accounts to laud Prophet Fufeyin’s act of philanthropy.

Many described it as a shining example of true leadership, empathy, love for fellow citizens and also serves as a reminder of the positive impact individuals can have on society when they extend a helping hand.

Frankly speaking, the world needs more people like Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin whose acts of kindness like this one inspire hope and demonstrate to a significant extent the potential for positive change and making the world a better place.