Retired Judge cries out over delay in payment of state judges

A retired Osun State High Court Judge, Justice Moshud Adeigbe , has expressed grave concern over delays often witnessed in the payment of salaries of state judges. Adeigbe stated this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday night at a Dinner and award presentation of the activities marking 2018 law week of the Nigerian Bar Association, Ibadan branch.The judge said that some state governors treated the state  judges like “commoners” and owe them many months in  salaries.

“Judges have children, families to take care of. Judges may be tempted because people will bring money to corrupt them but an upright judge will definite reject.“If a judge is tempted, eventually accepts bribe and become corrupt then there is danger in the society because there will be injustice.’’ he said.

Adeigbe said corruption cannot be fought when judges who sit five days in a week do not get paid.“It is so bad in some states  where some judges that have served for 15 years including the chief judges are been  paid N200,000 a month.“The attitude of some state governors towards payment of salaries of state judges is capable of encouraging corruption and jeopardizing the war against corruption of the federal government.

He said some governors failed to get their priorities right because they disburse money the way they like, forgetting that each arm of government has its autonomy and functions that needed to be funded.

Adeigbe called on the governors to respect the autonomy of other arms of government for the betterment of the nation.

He called on the federal government to intensify its campaign on the fight against corruption by mobilising the Nigerian masse.

Adeigbe said the country can only succeed in its war against corruption when everybody agree to fight it head-on and people caught punished equally.