Russia reacts after Iran admitted shooting down Ukrainian plane

Reactions have continued to pour in from around the world after Iran admitted it shot down crashed Ukrainian passenger plane out of ‘human error’.

From Russia, however, the chairman of the Russian parliament’s foreign affairs committee hopes that both the U.S and Iran have learnt lessons from the plane crash incident.

He also desired the the case of the incident be closed if the plane’s black box, after thorough investigation, shows that Iran truly shot the plane accidentally and not intentionally.

“If decryption of the black boxes and the work of the investigation do not prove that the Iranian army did this intentionally, and there are no logical reasons for this, the incident must be closed.

“Hoping that lessons will be learned and action taken by all parties,” said Konstantin Kosachev, quoted by the Interfax news agency.

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1 thought on “Russia reacts after Iran admitted shooting down Ukrainian plane

  1. The shooting down of Ukraine jet with heavy loss of lives whether mistakenly or intentionally is a strong reason to ensure that Iran is deterred from securing any weapons of mass destruction nor to talk of Nuclear power. The whole world would be in serious danger.
    We must not rest the case until appropriate compensation is paid for each individual who died. Nze CA

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