Rwanda Retires 12 Generals and other Senior Officers After Gabon Coup

In what could be termed earlier protection against a possible Coup d’etat, the Rwandan Defence Force (RDF) has retired 12 generals and 71 other senior officers in a move to reshuffle the military.

This swift move was taken in the wake of the Gabon coup, the latest in a series of military takeovers that has bedeviled Africa in recent years.

A statement by the RDF said President Paul Kagame has retired 83 military personnel among which are  12 generals.

The military officers given compulsory retirement include: Maj Gen Martin Nzaramba, Major General Eric Murokore, Major General Augustin Turagara, Major General Charles Karamba, Major General Albert Murasira, Brigadier General Chris Murari, Brigadier General Didace Ndahiro, Brigadier General Emmanuel Ndahiro, General James Kabarebe, General Fred Ibingira, Lt. Gen Charles Kayonga, Lt Gen Frank Mushyo Kamanzi.

Other officers were also promoted and given appointment to replace the retired officers. Their appointment takes immediate effect, RDF added.

The Rwandan president has been in power since 2000, he is one of the continent’s longest-serving presidents. A 2015 amendment to the country’s constitution means he can stay in power until 2034.