Saudi based club Al Nassr appoints Guido Fienga as new club’s CEO

The board of directors of Al nassr club announces the appointment of the Italian sport strategist Guido Fienga as the new CEO of the club, to contribute to the next phase of the club’s growth.

The appointment of Fienga aligns with Al Nassr’s strategic objectives seeking to attract highly skilled professionals to enhance the club’s capabilities and competencies in accordance to with the highly advancement in Saudi sports and the realisation of the kingdom’s vision 2030.

Fienga is widely considered to be one of the prominent names in European football working with top European leagues and Federation.

In his 25 years both within and beyond the sports sector, his period as managing director of wind telecommunications group and of prominent Italian financial institutions stands out amongst his many years of professional expertise.

The club’s board of directors express sincere gratitude and profound appreciation to Ahmed Al-Ghamdi for his outstanding and praise worthy contribution in recent years.

The significance of keeping Al-Ghamdi as a significant part of the club’s staff is underscored by the board of directors, in recognition of this exceptional efficiency and his achievements in executive management.