See how Nudists marked “Naked in Nature Day” Celebration (Photos)

Sunday, September 13 was Naked in Nature Day and Nudists stripped off completely to celebrate the odd day.

In a series of jaw-dropping snaps posted to the Get Naked Australia Instagram page, nudists are seen posing in the buff.

Though the Naked in Nature day is not an official date yet, nudists decided to celebrate all the same after Get Naked Australia urged them to.

In the lead up to September 13, the account urged its 226,000 followers to explore the great outdoors in the buff.

A recent post reads: “A reminder that next Sunday the 13th of September is GNA Naked in Nature Day 2020!?

“This is not yet an ‘official’ day but we’re trying to make it one! For the second year running, Naked in Nature Day aims to promote people getting outside and spending time in great outdoors minus clothing.

“Find somewhere secluded, grab your mates and get involved!?

“Whilst we celebrate getting naked in nature everyday, we found that setting a date really encourages people to make that extra effort and get involved to spread the body positivity.?”

Below are more photos from Naked in Nature day.