See Regina Askia’s reply to a lady who shamed her for speaking about her marriage on social media

After former Nollywood actress and ex-beauty queen, Regina Askia shared a video of her ‘honest conversation’ with her son, a lady took to the comment section to slam her for discussing her marriage problems on social media.

In the video, Regina who is a mum of three revealed she and her son’s father, Rudolf Williams were separated and that she suffered physical and verbal abuse while with him.

The son then asked why they couldn’t mend their broken relationship, and she responded saying;

“It was a very difficult patch in pur relationship. You know, people are on different journies at different times in their lives. Your father at that point, his head was not really investing in our relationship. He wanted to be whereever he wanted to be. It was not something I signed up for and we had a lot of fights and quarells and issues and somethings you can’t really forget and forgive. It will take a long time to forget and forgive and we kind of separated and went our different ways. I was in the house while he was tossed away. At a point, I said to myself thisis not the kind of life that I want so I left”

Speaking further, she said 

”That was a dark part. We fought alot. Physically and verbally. Emotionally. We fought alot and he resorted to using his hands but I cut him down with my mouth. Things didn’t go well and the children were in the middle. It wasn’t a good time and so we seperated. But even through our separation, your father was always coming over, always there”

The lady who commented felt it was unnecessary for Regina to share such private information online and bashed her for it.

Regina Askia saw the comment and responded. See the exchange below.

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