See the chaos caused during a wedding ceremony

Some women have interrupted a wedding ceremony by fighting and causing chaos.

While the cause of the violence is still unknown, the confrontation started to heat up as the angry participants started to throw plates at one another.

The situation became so dangerous that people around the scene started to leave the venue for fear of being hurt.

See the video below.

The video has caused a lot reactions as the typical ones seen below.

@midella.cakes wrote, “They should arrest them and make them pay for all damages, all . Na caterer get plate, na decorator get chair, they must pay”.

@tamtam_d_1st, “Anybody wey fight for my wedding better be ready to fight for seven days 😩😩what nonsense. Not my wedding sha E no even fit happen. If e comes to my matter people dey sabi compose their self”.

@zeezah1, “They should be arrested and made to pay for destroying properties. Awon werey to da party oni party ru😢.”

@beckygboms, “I swear to God if it’s my wedding no matter who u are I will get u arrested and make sure u stay there for a complete 1 month without food”.