See UNIPORT School Fees Receipt of 2002/2003 session, You won’t believe how much

In 2003, 400-level student paid 3,700 Naira for a session. Ten years later, in 2013, University of Port Harcourt Students in the same level paid about 32,000 Naira. That’s almost 10 times what was paid in 2003.

Did the students who paid 32,000 Naira in 2013 get 10 times the quality of education the ones in 2003 got? Did the School receive 10 times infrastructural growth between 2003 and 2013?

This is not only a case of University of Port Harcourt. It concerns almost all the universities in Nigeria who increase the fees students pay yearly but don’t ensure the students get increase in the quality of the education they receive.

Don’t even try to compare 3,700 in 2003 to what students are paying now. You will be outraged.

The receipt was shared on Facebook by Mr Daniel Nwofor, the APC State chairman of Imo State as he reminisce the good old days.

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