Senate Introduces Bill to Ban use of generator, Proposes 10 years jail for importers, sellers

The Nigerian Senate on Wednesday introduced a bill to ban the use and sale of electricity generating sets in Nigeria.

The bill which passed its first reading at plenary proposes 10 years jail term for importers and sellers.

The bill entitled “A Bill for an Act to prohibit/ban the importation/use of generating sets to curb the menace of environmental (air) pollution and to facilitate development of power sector” was sponsored by Sen. Enagi Bima (APC-Niger).

According to the bill, “Any person who imports generating sets; or knowingly sells generating sets shall be guilty of an offence and be liable on conviction to be sentenced to imprisonment for a term not less than 10 years.

“Provided that this subsection shall not apply to the importation or sale of any generating set to be used for essential services.

“The ban or prohibition of generating sets shall not include generating sets used for essential services which include Medical purposes (hospitals and nursing homes and healthcare facilities), airports, railway stations/services, elevators (lifts), escalators, research Institutions, and such facilities that require 24 hours electric power supply.”

The bill added: “Approval for exclusion shall be obtained from the Minister in charge of Power who shall brief the Federal Executive Council quarterly on approvals granted.”

“The bill further seeks that Nigerians should immediately stop the use of generating sets in order to curb the menace of environmental pollution, which leads to potential health hazards it poses to the whole nation.

“All persons are hereby directed to stop the use of electricity generating sets which run on diesel/petrol/kerosene of all capacities with immediate effect in the country,” it said.

Explaining the meaning of generating sets, the bill said “a machine that is used for producing electricity”.

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2 thoughts on “Senate Introduces Bill to Ban use of generator, Proposes 10 years jail for importers, sellers

  1. This senate should be ashamed of themselves.Especially those ones from Niger state who introduced this bill.All the three senators from Niger have not made any attempt to protect the Niger indigenes who are daily being mowed down by herdsmen and boko haran.But they have found voice to legislate against generators.What have they done about the epileltic supply of light in Nigeria.These people are simply targeting igbos who are in this business.Shame on this senate.They celebrate while the rest of nigerians groan and die.God punish them.

  2. This present National Assembly should think of how to better the lot of Nigerians by meaningful legislation. “NEPA” is half dead inspite of billions of money spent over the years – this is not your priority!!! That generator bill should be trashed immediately.

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