Senator Ned Nwoko and his fourth wife, Laila, all loved up at an event

The video of Senator Ned Nwoko in an event with Laila, his fourth wife, has gone viral.

The video displayed Nwoko and Laila all loved up in a event, showing how they both stepped into the event holding hands intertwined as they greeted guests.

Also in the video, we could see how sweet Laila was as she cleaned off the sweat on her husband’s face.

The video got many comments and reactions.

Some pointed out and praised polygamy as being sweet when there’s enough money to aid it.

Whereas, some commented that actress Regina Daniels, Ned’s youngest wife had to stay home since it wasn’t her turn that day.

One of the comments read, ” in this life, just have money everything will fall in place.”

“Na only this man dey enjoy for this country. Laila is very pretty,” another commented.

“Life na turn by turn … Regina watching from home,” another said.

“For this life, just have money. When ladies say ‘i haven’t felt true love’ they mean I haven’t received plenty money.”

Many Nigerians went on and on to give their various comments to the video.