Mixed reactions trails expulsion of Babcock Female Student

Mixed reactions have trailed the expulsion of a female Babcock university student who was identified in a sex video which has since gone viral on social media.

Recall that the management of the institution, in a statement by its Director of Communication and Marketing, Joshua Suleiman, said the two students, who were involved in a sex video on social media have been expelled by the institution.

According to the statement, the male student in the video was expelled from Babcock University in February this year for grievous misconducts, while the female student in the same video, until the video broke out, was a third-year student of accounting of this university; but has since been expelled from the university for violation of rules and regulations.

However, Nigerians have continued to react to the expulsion of the female student by the institution on Twitter.

While some have extolled the institution for the brave move, others were dejected by the decision of the institution to expel the female student, saying that the expulsion was not the appropriate decision by the university.

According to @Dannysacrosanct, the decision was the only decision left for the institution to take, adding that the higher institution is not a place for sexual adventures.

“Absolutely the only decision they could have taken. The higher institution is not a place for sexual adventures and such act should not be tolerated if they must protect the sanctity of the institution and moral wellbeing of other students.”https://twitter.com/Dannysacrosanct/status/1197462272110682115

In his reaction @Kuldjfunkyflex, the expulsion was the right step by the institution.

“Right step in d right direction so that others will take caution.”https://twitter.com/Kuldjfunkyflex/status/1197491614110928902

Also reacting, @DynamiteAsegun stated that the expulsion was the right decision.

“It was the right decision. There’s an agreement that every student of Babcock signs bordering on penalty of defaming the college’s reputation. Even in business, if an employee’s (sexual) conduct becomes public knowledge, the company distances itself from him/her.”https://twitter.com/DynamiteAsegun/status/1197465673296941056

However, @AGKprince questioned the management of the institution for the expulsion at the time of distress for the student.

“Babcock goofed. Yours is a tertiary institution, owned by a religious organisation, who do you then expect to guide the girl through in this her time of distress?
Couldn’t you have drawn her close as Christ would do of sinners?
Yet you’re a Christian University?
Do what you preach? https://twitter.com/AGKprince/status/1197493225373798401

To @Mykael, disciplinary action suspending the student for about 4 semesters would have been a better decision by the institution.

“That’s not a wise decision to take. Disciplinary action such as 2-4 semester suspension would have been better but not expulsion. Expulsion can really have an irreversible negative impact on her life and she still even have the impact of the leaked video to battle with…https://twitter.com/Mykael_O/status/1197485235660894215

In his reaction, @IkemSteven1 reacted that the female student deserved not to be punished after investigations had confirmed the atrocity was committed outside the institution premises.

“Such atrocity, when perpetrated within the vicinity of the school..attracts such punishment..but after investigations..it was found out that the incident did not happen in school.. That Girl’s 3 years in the university shouldn’t be wasted.”https://twitter.com/IkemSteven1/status/1197475377452638208

To @VershimaT, the institution has no right to expel the student, provided the incident was outside the school premises.

“Babcock University has no right to expel this girl, since the incident didn’t take place within the school premises. She has the right to have sex. Besides, what’s the function of counselling unit in school? They expel her Instead of counselling and encouraging her.”https://twitter.com/VershimaT/status/1197496364550230016

Also reacting, @daphinon stated that the expulsion was a punishment too extreme by the institution.

“Too extreme a punishment. As reported by the school authority, the sexual act was not performed within the school premises. Also, it was not a reported case of rape or sexual assault. Moreover, they are both adults and it’s their personal lives! We all have our dirty secrets.”https://twitter.com/daphinon/status/1197462053482573824

However, in his reaction, @Chidire advised parents to ‘prayerfully and diligently’ perform their roles on their children. He added that home remains a place where characters are moulded.

“We can deliberately break a rule(law) and at the same time decide how to be treated or the reaction that should come from the other end! Home is a place where characters are moulded…School is a testing ground! Let’s prayerfully n diligently do our job honourably as Parents!https://twitter.com/Chidire/status/1197500161720758272