Shocking moment crocodile comes out with missing man in its jaws

The shocking moment a crocodile surfaced with a missing man in its jaws a day after dragging him under water by biting his crotch was captured in a video.

Darlin Uti, 30, was snorkelling in the river to fix an underwater pipe near his home in Sulawesi, Indonesia, when the crocodile attacked him. His sister, who was on the river bank, tried to help Darlin by pulling the hose he was using to breathe underwater. But the crocodile plunged its teeth into Darlins crotch, thrashed around with him in the water, then disappeared into the depths of the water.

His sister raised alarm and Indonesian authorities immediately began searching for the missing man from the Kinapani Village alongside the Malaoge river. 

A day later, the Search and Rescue Team spotted Darlin’s body when the crocodile emerged from the water with its jaws still clamped around Darlin’s body. The man’s lower legs and feet can be seen in the video sticking out of the water as the huge crocodile floats past before submerging again. 

Rescuers boarded boats and eventually retrieved Darlin’s body intact and was returned to his family for a funeral. 

Darlin’s death came just two day afters another man, Subli, 35, was killed by a crocodile while he was washing his hands in a canal in the Indragiri Hilir regency.

Watch the video below.