Simi shocks her husband Adekunle Gold on stage in US

Beautiful Nigerian female musician shocked her husband on stage while he was performing in the Della’s show, US.

Simi suddenly showed up with their little girl and this really fascinated Adekunle Gold. He was filled with joy, yet shocked because, her presence was unexpected.

How beautiful it is for one’s wife to be your number one fan.This couple are indeed a perfect match. With the troubles and difficulties in celebrity marriages, one would think their marriage wouldn’t last long. But they just keep surprising us, even their marriage was a shock to the world.

Adekunle and Simi have done several beautiful songs together, including songs of love and sacrifice. Some of their songs include “Orente,” “No Forget,” “Take me back,” and so many more. They are definitely meant for each other.

Though, at some point, Falz the bad guy was the one Nigerians presumed to be her lover, but it has always been Adekunle Gold. Let love lead as we hope to enjoy more beautiful music from this amazing couple.