“Submit All Evidence,” Soyinka Invites EFCC, ICPC To Probe Him for Certificate Forgery

Professor Wole Soyinka, a literary icon, and a Nobel Prize winner has boldly called on his accusers to bring evidence of their accusation of his fraudulent academic report and submit them to the following bodies: Economic Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Independent Corrupt Practices (ICPC), and the Directorate of Prosecutions within 30 days so that they can question him.

This was Soyinka’s address to the online publication that argued his academic reports and attributed it to the scholastic industry of a Bristol schoolteacher.

He said he wouldn’t hide under any protection, and persisted that the institutional bodies that govern fraudulent academic claims be involved and that they should take the necessary actions and see to the end of it.

He has taken it upon himself to let go of any title and honour he might have gotten in his career years, even the minutes of them all, if at the end of the day, he is found guilty of the allegation.

These are Soyinka’s words: “A document of unmatchable scurrility, last encountered during General Sani Abacha’s global campaign of calumny against opponents of his despotic, infernally venal and homicidal reign, is back in circulation.”

“In return, I expect the purveyors of this sordid material to submit all evidence, however minuscule, to the nation’s investigative agencies – Directorates of Prosecutions, EFCC, ICPC, plus affected institutions and others – within the next thirty days.”