Tacha replies after she was filmed fighting keke driver for bashing her Benz

Over the weekend, BBNaija star Tacha was caught on camera in a confrontation with a keke (tricycle) driver after he collided with her car in Lagos.

The video captured the reality TV star forcefully pulling the keke driver out of his tricycle to inspect the damage caused to her vehicle.

In the footage, the bumper of Tacha’s Benz lay on the ground, having been dislodged due to the accident. Tacha can be heard expressing her frustration with the driver, insisting that he step out of his keke.

Now, Tacha has taken to Twitter to give her side of the story, writing, “Lagos drivers will be the end of this world!”

She also mentioned that the keke driver was drunk and showed no remorse for the damage he caused her car.