‘Take a DNA test without telling your wife first,’Nigerian man advises

Based on recent speculations that some men are not the biological fathers of their children, many people have expressed their interest and voiced their opinions.

In a post shared online, a Nigerian man has advised others on what to do if they have doubts about who the biological father of their child is.

He says, “In my view, if any man is having doubts about the paternity of their kids. I don’t think it’s necessary to confront their wive/the mother’s.The can just go ahead and carry out the DNA test without their wives first. If the results is positive,you can begin to overcompensate for doubting them with excessive acts of service and they would never know why.

“If the result is negative, you would confront them with hard evidence”.

Many talked about how women who are married to their husbands react when asked questions about infidelity.

It brought about reactions which a man made a statement via his X handle, saying, “when you question your partner’s fidelity (females especially), you should expect an angry reaction, regardless of whether they are guilty or innocent.

The innocent woman will have a genuine feeling of disappointment and heartbreak that you could even think that low of them. It’s not just infidelity you’re accusing them of, you’re also accusing them of paternity fraud-

“Something only absolutely heartless woman can do.”

A truly innocent woman would be disappointed if her husband asked such questions about trust and infidelity.

The perpetrators also lied about their reactions, claiming that they had been insulted because of their husband’s infidelity and trust

They suggested that if you have any doubts about whether it’s your child, the safest way is to do a DNA test.