The Ekweremadus’ victim begs to stay in UK

The 21-year-old victim of kidney harvesting by Ikeoha Ekweremadu, has begged that he be allowed to remain in the UK.

The victim, identified as David Nwamini, stated this in his impact statement read in court on Friday, 5th May. According to him, he could be arrested or even killed if he returns to Nigeria.

Expressive Info had earlier reported the sentences passed on the Ekweremadus and Dr Obeta, their cohort.

David claimed he was led into the UK with the assurance of getting employed there.

He said, “He (Dr Obina Obeta) did not tell me he brought me here for this reason. He did not tell me anything about this. I would have not agreed to any of this. My body is not for sale.

“I worry for my safety in Nigeria. Those people can do anything. I think they could arrest me or kill me in Nigeria. My plan now is to work and to get an education and to play football.”

A report also said that the victim said she doesn’t wish any compensation from the “bad people” as it would be “cursed” and a “bad luck.”

He disclosed that his father had called him from Nigeria, telling him to drop the case, based on an advice he received.