“The proper thing should be done”, Mohbad’s father says on DNA.

The late Nigerian singer, Mohbad’s father, Joseph Aloba, had given his position on a DNA test conducted for Mohbad’s son, Liam.

During an interview with BBC Pidgin, he said that he has always considered his son a close friend as they could relate so well like brothers.

Aloba had opened up that Mohbad was his reason for having more than one wife, and had got married to his stepmother who left him after she felt he was too glued to Mohbad.

According to Aloba, the question about the DNA test to be conducted on Mohbad’s son had become a general problem for Nigerians.

“This thing has become a majority thing, not only Nigerians. So they should do the proper thing at the proper time,” he had stated.

Even an actress, Lizzy Anjorin, shared her take on a DNA test to be conducted on Mohbad’s son.

For her, having an autopsy performed is the worst possible outcome, and if an autopsy can be requested and fulfilled, then there’s no reason to be concerned about the results of a DNA test.

She expressed her dismay over Mohbad’s wife’s silence whom she expected to be demanding justice for her husband.