The son of an inspector stabs a neighbor to death

Anxiety has gripped the officers of the warri Area Command in Delta State due to the assasination carried out by Destiny Ogbuatu the son of the serving inspector.

Destiny Ogbuatu who is a student of Madonna University was said to have lost his temper which resulted in the killing of Onyebuchi Emeka within the Environment of Block D, Warri Apartments.

The incident took place on Friday, the 22nd of September, 2023.

Eyewitnesses reported that the hot-tempered Destiny had rushed to the father’s apartment to pick up a knife and dagger. After which he ran after Onyebuchi across other blocks to the end of the barrack till Onyebuchi fell into a gutter.

The witnesses also confirmed the fervent stabs done by the inspector’s son on Onyebuchi, the not-so- lucky victim.

This occurred before the very eyes of numerous eyewitnesses including the Mother and siblings of the alleged suspect.

The victim could not survive the terrible deep cuts and died shortly after he was admitted.

Report claimed that the suspect’s mother, who was also an eyewitness, had gathered her children and fled to an unknown place. 

Inspector Ogbuatu, the father of the suspect was arrested and is currently in police custody.

With the intervention of the Nigerian Civil Rights Council, the police force has been urged not to overlook the situation.

Comrade Ojumude Bishop and other members of a unit led a protest demanding that justice should be served.

They also demanded that provision of Destiny Ogbuatu be made instantaneously to face judgment.