“This might be the fight that leads to my end” Dotun says as his estranged wife says she would rather die…

Dotun proceeded to call out his estranged wife, Taiwo Oyebanjo, for preventing his access to his kids.

According to him, on Friday, 13 October, Taiwo had said she would rather die than let him see their daughters.

Previously, he had threatened to release the numbers of her brother and other relatives if he doesn’t get access to see his children.

He claimed Taiwo has been using the influence of her family to work against him.

He said the divorce proceedings have not started, regardless it being over two years she filed for a divorce.

The case has been adjourned severally on different occasions for over a year.

Even the jury did not keep to their words as they did not seat again as scheduled on Thursday, Oct. 12.

“Where is hope for the common man?” Dotun asked.

He went further to question her, “Taiwo, are you bigger than the justice system of Nigeria?”

Also, Dotun expressed concern that Taiwo might migrate with his kids abroad.

“I have written the American embassy for the last one year and you acknowledged my letter… If those kids go out I’ll sue the American embassy,” he said.