Tragic: Coronavirus wipes out whole family; father, mother, son

Coronavirus has wiped out a whole family in the United States, killing father, mother and their son.

The invisible enemy killed the Mayorga family, a Nicaraguan family in Miami Florida over three weekends.

Though the son was the first to be diagnosed with the virus in mid-March, it was the father, Mario Mayorga that was first taken away, according to a grieving relative Marcela Lastre.

Mario died on 10 April, followed by his wife Esperanza on 19 April. Both were aged 72. Their son, 42 year-old Mario Jr followed on 26 April.

The couple’s daughter Violeta, 45, has also been diagnosed with the virus, but is now recovering from the illness.

Marcela, who was the elderly couple’s niece, told ABC News: ‘Ever since we got the stay-at-home order, every weekend we got bad news.

“It was about three to five days from one person showing symptoms to the next one.

“We thought they would all show symptoms at the same time.’

Cleaner Mario Jr – whose company sanitised medical offices – came down with a cough and fever in mid-March, and was ordered to self-isolate.

Days later, Mario Jr’s condition declined to the point where he needed hospital treatment. He underwent bypass surgery and was put on a ventilator.

Retired funeral home worker Mario Sr was so badly stressed by his son’s condition he stopped eating.

Then he and his wife tested positive for Covid-19 after falling ill days later.

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