Trouble Again? Blackface challenges 2Face, releases song, ‘African Queen’ (listen)

The ‘fight’ between singers 2Face Idibia and Blackface may be rekindled again as Blackface has just released a new ‘African Queen’ fifteen years after 2Face released it.

Blackface has accused 2Face severally of stealing the song from him when they were still in the defunct Plantation Boiz, an accusation 2Face has also severally denied.

With the release of the new African Queen by Blackface, the age-long war between the two may once again take the centre stage of the media as the battle for the true owner the song continues.

To listen to the song, click here.

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3 thoughts on “Trouble Again? Blackface challenges 2Face, releases song, ‘African Queen’ (listen)

  1. How many times will this ganga smoking blackface release African Queen? Can’t this mfkr compose another song? Always feuding with 2Baba his boss.

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