Unknown Gunmen menace: Nnamdi Kanu speaks to residents of South East

The embattled leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, has urged people in the South East region of Nigeria to expose those engaging in criminality in their land.

Kanu said the spate of killing and kidnappings in the region should not be tolerated and he encouraged residents to expose the culprits, rather than cover up for them.

Kanu’s counsel, Ifeanyi Ejiofor, made this known on Friday, June 3, after he and Kanu’s legal team visited the IPOB leader at the Department of State Services, Abuja, on Thursday.
According to the statement, Kanu also urged his followers to remain calm and focused as he reiterated that his freedom is imminent.

He also asked his lawyers to hasten legal efforts for the “immediate release of Mrs. Ukamaka Ejezie (Mama Biafra) who is presently being held in the solitary confinement of the state security service.”
The statement partly read:

“Consistent with the subsisting Court-Ordered guideline, we visited our amiable Client – Onyendu Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, today.

“Onyendu was enthused with the news of seemingly deescalation in criminal activities in the south East and promptly directed for a sustained action towards total sanity on our land.

“Onyendu was delighted that UMUCHINEKE are being vindicated by the startling revelations which is irresistibly exposing the strangers in our land, and their criminal gangs alike, who are kidnapping on our soil on a daily basis.

“Onyendu maintained that NO SON OF THE SOIL should pause until all forms of criminalities are totally eradicated from our land, he insisted that our land should no longer be a safe haven for those who kidnap for ransom, kill or indulges in any form of prohibited acts.

“Onyendu thanked ChukwuOkike Abiama for exposing these criminals behind the sacrilegious activities on our land , and stressed further that there will be no hiding place any more for these unscrupulous elements who are desecrating our land, hiding in bushes and arrogating the rights of landlords/overlords of our lands to themselves.

“He is profoundly pleased with the unprecedented success so far recorded in containing these monsters who have nothing/no connection whatsoever with his freedom movement. IPOB has been vindicated!

“Onyendu commended Ezigbo UmuChineke for their solidarity, resoluteness and unflinching support. He continues to encourage you all to remain focused, calm and firm, as it is only a matter of time this onerous path will be exited.

“We are not relenting in our effort to see it happen, same energy is also being dissipated to ensure the release of all Umuchineke illegally arrested and still detained across the detention facilities of various security Agencies.

“We implore you all to intensify in your supplications and prayers, as it is impacting so positively Umuchineke.”