UNN called out for forcing students to change course 3 months after accepting fees

Univeristy of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), has been called out for allegedly asking students to accept new courses, months after giving the students admission and accepting school fees because they over admitted.

Writing Coach, Eketi took to her social media page to call the institution after the school allegedly gave an ultimatum to students to accept a new course after their names was released on their admission list before the ASUU strike and Covid-19 lockdown. Most of the students, she claims had already paid their school fees and registered for the courses they were originally admitted into the institution to study.

Eketi shared screen shots of messages sent to these students to notify them to accept the new courses latest April 30, 2020.

Read what she wrote and the details she shared below.

“A little over three months ago, the University of Nigeria, UNN, published her admissions list. The students who had been granted admission went there, paid their fees and registered. They even had lectures for about three months before the ASUU strike and Covid-19 struck.

“Now, while they were at home, a good number of them received text messages changing their course of study from courses like Law, political science, public admin; from and Medicine and Surgery to Medical Lab Science, Anatomy, etc.

“A few sources said UNN allegedly over admitted and asked the students to accept the new courses, then switch back to their courses of choice, in their second year. If this is the case, won’t the classes in the second year be overfilled when the switches are made?

“Seeing as the students were already three months in, how are the affected ones supposed to get the requisite lectures and make the good grades in the new courses, which are necessary for the purported second year switch? Already, these students are barely ready for exams.

“If JAMB/UNN had given notice of these swap earlier, before the 2020 UTME was written, students would simply have applied for the exact courses they’ve now been given, if they so chose. Doing this now means losing a year; with 2020 UTME over, they can only write the exam in 2021.

“So, they’re forced to accept this new course of study or lose two years. Now, having paid the acceptance fee, school fees, accommodation fees and begun lectures, this transaction should’ve been deemed concluded. Is it right for the university to bring this up now?

“This has put both the students and their parents/guardians under a lot of strain and trauma. Part of their pain is that they were given till today, April 30, to accept. According to one guardian, the courts aren’t sitting, so they can’t even get an injunction.

“My problem is that the school hasn’t even said anything about this – no official statement, nothing. They just sent that text message to my niece. This girl has wanted to study law all her life. What is supposed to do with public administration?” said a frustrated guardian.

“Another student has still not come to terms with the university’s actions. “I’m battling depression. Where do I begin? After failing JAMB once, they’re now snatching away my dream by asking me to switch from Medicine & Surgery to Nursing. Where do I start?”

“According to the university’s website, this action affects those admitted under the supplementary list and has been taken, so they can keep to approved quota in these courses.

“It’s no news that this country’s educational is way, way below standard. When things like this happen, it further buttresses this point. How is it that in 2020, we’re still having conversations about a university forcing students to switch courses?

“Is there any recourse available to these students and their parents/guardians, seeing as the deadline is here? Listening to their stories was heartbreaking. Can anyone help?

“The #UniversityofNigeria @unn_tweets , has a culture of exceeding their admission quotas and leaving students in desperate situations.

“Changing courses is said to cost at least N50, 000 and there are no guarantees that a student will be allowed to change.

“If the #UniversityofNigeria gets away with doing this once more, they’ll never stop. Dear UNN, your motto is ‘Restoring the Dignity of Man’. How is this action dignifying in any way?

“@JAMBHQ please fix this!”

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