UPDATE! Reason for hoodlum clash in Lagos

More information has been released regarding the terror by hoodlums in Lagos on Tuesday morning, 11th April.

Reports have it that the thugs had invaded the area to prevent court agents from pasting an Appeal Court judgement issued on 16th March, 2023, confirming the landlords in the community as the owners of the land.

It was gathered that the hoodlums first stormed the palace of the Isheri monarch during a meeting with some dignitaries. They, however, faced resistance from the youths in the area, which resulted in the clash that sent fear through the spines of all residents living and working in the area.

Things suddenly became volatile and violent in short notice and the conflict was armed and locals could not come out of their houses, talk less of walk the streets.

An anonymous source who is also a resident in the area told the press that the gate to the estate he lives in has been shut tight by the security guards, and he cannot come out until the tension calms. He explained the situation, saying: “As I speak with you, a lot of people are trapped in their houses; they cannot go out because the estate gate is locked. The people claiming that they have a court judgment are fighting. It is a serious clash and the police and men of the Rapid Response Squad have been mobilised to control the situation.”

An eyewitness also said, “There’s something happening at Isheri. There are cultists with cutlasses. They blocked the path from the other gate. They’re saying something about claiming their Magodo land back or something.”

This updates the earlier news given about the clash in the area which left many feeling confused and scared. Read here.