Video: Attorney general of Ghana reveals she had her two kids with married men

The Attorney general of Ghana, Gloria Akuffo, has revealed she had her two children with married men.

The 66-year-old legal practitioner disclosed this while Speaking on Joy FM’s “Personality Profile”.

Gloria, who is Head of Litigation at Blay and Associates said she had the children with “people’s husbands” but admitted that if she was given a second chance, she “wouldn’t have done it today.”

According to her, coming from a polygamous background, she didn’t find fault with sleeping with people’s husbands. 

“You know my background. I was born into a big home and at that age, you really didn’t think there was anything . But seriously, maybe I wouldn’t have done it today.”“You grow up not really seeing something wrong with having a relationship with someone’s [husband].”

While clarifying that the  she was not “philandering, ” the Attorney general  claimed that the relationships she had with the men were “serious” and “long-standing.” 

“And they were serious relationships, not that I was philandering or anything. Long-standing relationships. And it was from those relationships that I had my children. Because my doctor insisted I must have [the] children”, Gloria Akuffo added.