Video: Biden calls Nigerian family who contributed to his victory, promise to meet them

A Nigerian family from Oyo State, living in the US, were thrilled to receive a call from Joe Biden after he won the November 3 US Presidential election.

In the course of the conversation, Joe praised the family and promised to meet them one day.

Josephine, the daughter of the man, wished him best of luck in his presidency. Biden replied, “God, you are smarter than the devil”

The man revealed that they from Ibadan, Oyo State Before Biden went on to speak about how immigration has made America a strong nation.

He said: “Josephine, you know why America is so strong? It’s because we are a nation of immigrants. We are from all over the world.”

Later on Biden invited them to the White House. But unsure if it will be real, the father was so happy as he said: “President Biden, please make it real, we’d love to come.”

Biden replied: “I am serious. We don’t say anything we don’t mean…”

Watch the full video below.