Video: Bobrisky flaunts ‘N15 million’ his bae gave to him after a night together, slam girls who take N500k from men

Popular Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky has taken to Snapchat to flaunt what he claims is “N15 million” which was given to him after spending a night with his mystery lover.

He shared a video of him showing off the wads of Naira notes and called out girls who collect only N500,000 from men after a night despite have p*ssy’ and breast..

In the video, Bobrisky said,

“Those of you that will come to Snapchat, O Bobrisky, you don’t have a p*ssy. You don’t have a breast. Bla bla bla, shebi I get bum bum. I get nyash, abi?

“See wetin my p*ssy wey I no get dey give me. You that have the pussy, that have the breast, wetin the p*ssy give you?

“Just one night, just a night, N15million.

“See I don’t go out. I’m a bad bitch, but when I go out, I go out for a reasonable money. All of you, all these girls that will go out and chat all the whole world, go to all the parties in this Lagos at the end of the day, you will come back with N500k, N200k, Shame on your p*ssy.”

Watch the video below