Video: Chinese company locks over 100 Nigerian staff inside premises in Ogun state

A Chinese company in Ogun State is currently under blast for allegedly locking over 100 Nigerian workers in its premises without proper feeding in Ogun state.

One of the workers identified as Wilfredshady on Twitter, stated that the Chinese company, Goodwill Ceramics located in Ogun Guangdong Free trade zone Igbesa in Ogun state, held back Nigerian staff inside its premises for 14 days of the lockdown.

The authorities of the company were also called out for not properly feeding the staff during this period and after the 14 days, asked them to leave the factory premises without any form of payment.

The aggrieved social media user shared a video of the staff outside the factory protesting after they were allegedly asked to leave.

Nigerian youths protesting against a Chinese company (Goodwill ceramics) in Ogun Guangdong Free trade zone Igbesa. We were held inside the company for 14 days of the lockdown without proper feeding and they’re now asking us to leave without giving us anything.

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