Video: How Mr Macaroni betrayed Don Jazzy and the “Stingy Men Association”

For days now, young men in Nigeria claim they will not be as generous (financially) as they used to be with their female counterparts. To put it simply, they decided to be stingy.

So, they formed a group known as “Stingy Men Association of Nigeria” with celebrities like Don Jazzy, Mr Eazi, Paul Okoye and many others joining the hilarious group.

Well, in a new comedy skit, Mr Macaroni whose comic character is known to be a spendthrift when it comes to giving women money, begged to join the “Stingy Men Association of Nigeria” and successfully passed the test given to him.

Unfortunately for him, obeying the code of association, not to give money to women, was very difficult for him so he broke the rules after he ran into a beautiful lady. Watch the hilarious video below.

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