Video: Okorocha receives a hero’s welcome back to Imo, gives Ihedioha ‘last warning’

The immediate past governor of Imo state, Rochas Okorocha, Tuesday, for the first time since he was sworn in as Senator, returned back to the state, and said that he’s back to give the governor of the state, Emeka Ihedioha, last warning on the “intimidation of Imo citizens.” 

Okorocha spoke in Owerri, while receiving his supporters, adding that he is ready to go to any extent with Ihedioha on the allegation of intimidation of his supporters and citizens of the state. 

He said that what is currently happening in the state, was annoying to him as that Ihedioha, has no single project to show for since his hundred days in office. 

According to Okorocha, “I have returned back. Everywhere will be calm. It is time to know who is stronger. You think I am not hearing what is happening, I am hearing but I just keep quiet. I hear how they are destroying my project. It is not my fight, it is the fight of God. 

“I was told that they went and carried my daughter’s properties where she is selling her food restaurant. I was told they went to my private house and they are snapping photo and they said that they are looking for cocaine.

“What I found out is that they want to annoy me. Bad things are happening. I want to tell you that Emeka Ihedioha, did not win the election. He was cruelly put into that office. I built almost everything and they don’t want to recognize it.

“They should not take the silence of the youths and masses for granted. If they harass you, harass them back. They must stop harassing citizens of this state. Let no one harass any citizen in Imo state.

“I call on security agencies to call these people to order, if they don’t stop them we will stop them. They should work for the people of Imo state.”

He continued: “They have not done any single project in Imo state. I am going to have a meeting with youths of Imo state. Since they say that they will not listen to Imo people. I have some people that are giving me information from government house that are telling me what they planing against me.” 

See videos of his hero’s welcome as he arrived Sam Mbakwe Cargo Airport.

2 thoughts on “Video: Okorocha receives a hero’s welcome back to Imo, gives Ihedioha ‘last warning’

  1. Paid people will always act according the instructions of who paid them. I strongly believe that, Emeka ihedioha is true governor who has his people at heart and will definitely work according to the desires of the state. So, no matter what you think of him, you won’t succeed though the bozos who’re hungry for what to eat will never cease to perch up to collect 50 to speak evil of a genuine man in the likes of the state governor, nwa eji eje mba 1 of imo state, right honourable, Emeka Ihedioha..but, however they will only gather in vain.

    1. Please the Governor should concentrate on his work as Governor and stop all these distractions. 100 days in office nothing to show for it. Past Governor Ikedi Ohakim did so much in 100 days as Governor of Imo state. I believe that he Ohakim can point him in the right direction. Time waites for nobody. Let all imolites stop unnecessary praises and all his Excellency and allow him to do more for Imo people. The immediate past Governor in the person of Senator OKorocha did so much for Imo truth be told. My advice is instead of the present Governor witchhunting past administration let him empower Imo youths positively so that Imo can develop beyond what the past Governor has done.
      We are one, divided we will achieve nothing but together we can build on the legacies of past leaders.

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