Video: Woman accused of killing her stepson

A stepmother has been falsely accused and rumored of allegedly killing her stepson, Prosper Obi, in Ikotun, Lagos State.

From what the source said, the woman was caught by neighbors trying to dispose of the body of the young boy.The neighbors raised an alarm drawing the awareness of passersby.

The attention of Police were called and they got the woman arrested and kept her in their custody.

The woman had defended herself and found unguilty.

She said, the boy had been sick and because his health had begun to deteriorate, she took him to hospital. She continued that the boy died before they could get to the hospital. She had no option but to bring him home, and the neighbors seeing the boy’s dead boy, raised an alarm.

The neighbors might probably have raised alarm because she has never treated the boy well which she acknowledged.

She opted in that the boy had constantly disturbed her and in return, she has subjected him to different forms of punishment and maltreatment.

Watch the video below: