Video: Yahoo Boy Dies After Barking Like A Dog, But that’s not all

Indeed, wonders shall never end. Many have heard stories of ritualists coughing to death, but what will one say about man barking like a dog and dying afterwards?

This is the story of an alleged internet fraudster (Yahoo boy) who barked like a dog for several minutes before collapsing, and he never woke up again.

According to reports, he was a Yahoo boy who added voodoo to his practice to make fast cash, but met his Waterloo on Sunday.

The case of internet fraudsters dying mysteriously have become rampant in recent times, and this has caused a lot of Nigerians, pleading with the government to curb their activities.

Watch the video below and ensure you read the last part.

Hope you didn’t take the video serious because it’s only a scene from a movie. Yes, you read right! Lol! As we strive to bring you accurate news and thrilling stories as they happen around the world, we also thought we should use this post to have fun.

If we caught you with that ‘make believe report’, tell us how you felt in the comment section below. Did you believe it or not? We can take a minute to have fun here, right?

5 thoughts on “Video: Yahoo Boy Dies After Barking Like A Dog, But that’s not all

  1. I swear this april fool is not ordinary. I can’t believe I fell for it

  2. I believe he has meet his Waterloo well let others learn a lesson from this scenario.

  3. I believe but not the voodoo part cos to me barking like a dog is related to rabies. I rather felt Nigeria have let another die cos of ignorance

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