“While I lay in hospital after my miscarriage, all Kess’ family thought about was money” – Kess’ wife tearfully narrates

Angel, the wife of BBN level-up star, Kesiena Tony Adjekpovu aka Kess, has tearfully narrated how, while she was in the hospital after having a miscarriage, Kess’ family only cared about people voting for him.

Remember that Angel had gone online to expose alleged sex chats between Kess and his co-star, Christy O, to support her allegations that they were having an affair.

This came after Kess denied her the allegations and accused her of lying against him to bring him down. He also portrayed her as crazy, highly manipulative, and insecure.

She said that it was because of her that Multi-Choice chose Kess in the first place, as they wanted a married man in the house.

She included that Kess had given her a summation of the show and vowed never to do anything that would make his family seem bad.

According to Angel, within a week on the show, he was already in bed with another woman, Ilebaye.

She also mentioned that when she had a miscarriage, Kess’ brother made a public announcement about the event, but the priority was still on getting the prize money and winning the show, while she was still in the hospital with her miscarried child.

Angel spotlighted that after the incident, she wrote to Big Brother, telling him about her child’s loss.

She worried that she didn’t want her husband out of the house but wanted them to communicate the message to him.