Who says you can’t slay coz you sell akara? Akara seller dresses hot to sell by roadside

A TikTok user, identified by the handle @sexyakarafryer, has gone in an unconventional and refreshing display of culinary artistry and personal style, to showcase her unique talents and fashion taste.

In a striking contrast to traditional expectations, she wore an elegant gown, had a complete makeover, and confidently posed while frying Akara by the roadside.

In her own words, the purpose of the video was to challenge stereotypes and demonstrate that one can fully embrace their fashion preferences, regardless of the work they do. She boldly questioned, ” Who said you can’t slay coz you sell akara?”

The video has elicited many positive reactions, with many applauding for defying societal norms and shattering preconceived notions.

Her courage and dedication in showcasing her skills and hard work received praise, underscoring the idea that one’s occupation should never restrict their ability to express oneself or exude confidence.