Why I slumped during Senate screening – Minister nominee, Balarabe Abbas

Balarabe Abbas Lawal, the Nigerian Minister nominee, who slumped during his screening on Wednesday, at the floor of the Senate, has explained what happened to him.

Expressive Info Shared a video where Balarabe, from Kaduna State, collapsed whey his biography was been read to members of the senate. Watch Video HERE.

The security officials rushed to his aid as the senators watched in shock. The proceedings were later adjourned.

While speaking about the incident, Balarabe said he slumped because he was completely exhausted as he had a sleepless night preparing for his screening.

“It is basically exhaustion. I got the news of my nomination yesterday and I had to come from Kaduna. There were so many things to do which I attended to throughout the night.

“What happened today is as a result of pure exhaustion,” he said.

Balarabe thanked the Senate for their understanding, particularly the senators from his State who had all gathered around him and the medical team who took care of him.”

He said he is alright now, and that nothing is wrong with him.

“What I experienced was pure exhaustion which can happen to anybody,” he said in an interview.