Will Russia Employ Nuclear Weapons Against Ukraine?

Alexander Khodakovsky, military commander of the Donetsk militia of Russia, has suggested on state TV that the only option left for Russia to defeat its current “rival in arms” is to make use of nuclear weapons.

According to Alexander, Russia cannot use normal weapons of war and war strategies to defeat Ukraine, which is proving hard to defeat.

Ukraine already has the humanitarian and limited military support of the West, precisely the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and this has boosted their resistance against Russia’s military attack.

While President Putin’s troops try hard to achieve big goals regarding the war, Russia had already illegally occupied four regions in Ukraine as its own territory.

There are concerns as to whether President Putin will send out Russia’s nuclear weapons into the battlefields. This is obviously a concern to Alexander Khodakovsky, who said in his comments on state TV:

"We don't have the ability—we're a country which is now fighting the entire Western world, and we don't have the resources to defeat the NATO bloc with conventional means," he said. "But we have nuclear weapons for that. We built them specially for such situations. That is why there is only one option."

President Putin threatened in September of 2022 that he would escalate the war should any country “blackmail” Russia by using nuclear weapons, even though he later said in October that there is no military or political benefit in that.

The world will have to wait and see whether NATO will cross certain boundaries or even become directly involved in the war, as that seems to be the case that could trigger Russia to employ nuclear weapons.