Woman cuts off ex-boyfriend’s pen!s while defending herself after he tried to rape her

A woman has reportedly cut off her ex-boyfriend’s penis with a knife after he tried to rape her.

The incident occurred on Saturday, August 12, in Marghera, Venice, Italy, after an argument between the couple over custody of their daughter broke out.

The pair, who are both foreign nationals living in Italy have reportedly been separated for some time, according to la Repubblica.  They are said to have met in the woman’s home to seek an agreement on the ‘management’ of their daughter.

But during the meeting, things got heated after he allegedly tried ‘making peace’ by offering to have sex with her.

After she is said to have refused, it is claimed that he pushed her against a piece of furniture while half-naked. The woman then responded by brandishing a knife and cutting off his penis with the blade.

Police and ambulance services both rushed to the scene, with the pair both taken to the hospital.

The man was said to have had his penis successfully reattached after a reconstruction operation, which was performed by urologist surgeons.