woman gives birth to baby with 2 heads, 2 spines, one heart and an intestine

The Egyptian Governorate of Aswan has witnessed a rare birth, when a woman was delivered of a baby with additional head and spine as reported in the local Al Watan.

The 25-year-old mother gave birth to the boy with two heads, one heart, two spines and an intestine in a private clinic, said Ehab Hanafi, a representative from the Ministry of Health in Aswan.

The newborn was transferred to a hospital to follow-up on his health condition.

Hanafi stated that this is an extremely rare case because the baby was born with two spines, one heart and an intestine.

An official confirmed that the baby is stable and will be transferred after a couple of days to the National Research Center in Cairo to monitor his condition.

The couple has another healthy one-year-old.