Yeni-Kuti talks about what will make her “run” from a relationship

Omoyeni Anikulapo-Kuti, better known as Yeni-Kuti, has expressed her view concerning the very sensitive topic of infidelity.

In the opinion of the offspring of Africa’s great Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti, the “usual” cheating is not a reason to end her relationship. She said that she doesn’t consider infidelity “a deal-breaker.”

Yeni-Kuti said that the only thing she considers a deal-breaker is finding out that her man cheats on her with a fellow man. She stated that she “will run.”

The famous media personality made this known in a TV show themed Your View, featured on TVC Nigeria.

She said: ”For me, cheating is not a deal breaker. My father had 27 wives, my mother didn’t go; I am not saying she was happy, but she didn’t leave.

“My own deal breaker is if I find out my own partner is sleeping with another man. That is my deal breaker. I will run, they wouldn’t even beg me. I will run,” she said.