Young Man Brutally Beats Girlfriend, While his Friends Laugh and Record (Video)

A disturbing video of a young man physically assaulting his girlfriend has surfaced online. In the video the guy is seen mercilessly beating her up with his belt while his friends who seemed to be enjoying the assault did almost nothing to stop him.

According to the conversation from the video, the guy was heard saying

“As you spoil my name for town you forget?” The lady whose identity is yet to be identified was begging him to stop as he want on mercilessly assaulting her.

His friends can be heard in the background calling him “Junior” and telling him to take it easy, but he doesn’t listen. He then reaches into his trousers, brings out a whip and starts flogging her with it.

In another video, his friends are seen trying to hold him back as he beats the girl, but they didn’t seem to be trying hard enough. One of the friends is seen laughing as he holds the girlfriend while his friend beat her up.

The video has touched the raw nerves of netizens with many calling on the police to bring the guy and his friends to justice.

A Facebook user who shared the video wrote: “After impregnating this girl, he had the guts to to beat her up when she said he was responsible and has results.”

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