Your girlfriend, Ivy Ifeoma belongs to the River -Prophet tells Paul Okoye

A Ghanaian prophet has claimed that Ivy Ifeoma, the girlfriend of popular musician, Paul Okoye known as Rudeboy, belonged to a river goddess.

He gave out a serious advice to Rudeboy on what to do so that her alleged background would not have a negative effect on him for choosing to date her.

Prophet dishes strong warning to Rudeboy The prophet identified on TikTok as @karmapresident claimed that the river goddess could take her back at any time.

He said that Paul Okoye needed to pay something called ‘dali’ on the lady’s head if not the spirit following her would turn his life for the worse.

According to the prophet, the lady’s mother was aware of everything and if they ask her, she can attest to it.

The prophet said: “Paul Okoye should try and pay that thing because the girl you are walking with is a human being but those behind her are powerful. So do that needful thing otherwise the movie will pass Nigeria.”

Below are some of the reactions from internet users and the video.

Sis_miracle reacted: “Mami water always need sacrifice every year.”

Hair-by-thelma said: “Good for him!”

User8030881855644 said: “GOD abeg.”

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